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After you have developed your Muay Thai skills to a good level and you are comfortable sparring with your fellow students, you may want to take your abilities in the ring to a higher level. To achieve this Huddersfield Thai boxing attends Grand Master Skens inter club competition every month. These events are held at MSA headquarters in Stockport. Muay Thai and MMA clubs from around the country travel long distances to compete. You will be matched with an opponent from another club, based on weight and experience. You will then have a 3 round fight against your opponent. Each fighter will wear shin guards, body protector, gum shield, box and 14oz gloves(smaller for children). If fighters are below the age of 16 blows to the head are not allowed. The emphasis is on development and high levels of technical skill, not trying to knock your opponent out!

Students of Huddersfield Thai boxing who attend inter club must behave in a respectful manner to their opponents and other clubs who attend. Inter club competition is an excellent confidence builder and a real test of skill and character. It is also a great day out with wonderful camaraderie between fellow students and other Muay Thai camps. Inter club is also an essential stepping stone for those who wish to progress to a professional level.

To watch action from previous inter clubs featuring students from Huddersfield Thai boxing please visit and enter "huddsthaiboxing" into the search engine.

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