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Private lessons/personal training are an excellent way to advance your muay-thai skills quickly whilst refining your technique to a very high standard. Having Kru Rileys undivided attention for a set amount of time means your technique can be micro-managed and any issues specific to you can be worked on. When undertaking private lessons you can choose to focus on any aspect of muay-thai you choose, whether it be fitness, sparring, elbows, kicks, ram-muay etc. Alternatively you can let Kru Riley select the skills he believes you need to work on most to achieve your goals. Private lessons can be a good way for a beginner to start to learn muay-thai, if they are nervous of joining regular classes straight away (which you shouldn't be! all our students were beginners once!). They are essential for students who would like to grade in front of Grand Master Sken. They are also perfect for the student who wishes to compete and strives for perfection and wants to advance at the quickest rate possible.



One person, one hours private tuition £30

small group prices available on request

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